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Companion Care Services Buffalo and Western New York

What is a Virtual Caregiver?

Telehealth (e-health) is on the rise! Now, more than ever, hundreds of thousands of people are benefiting from health care services via telephone/skype/computer due to busy schedules and increasing roles and responsibilities. Our Virtual Caregiver assistance program is just one of AWP’s companion care services in Western New York. It is designed to free your time while giving you and your loved ones independence and peace of mind!

Are you a caregiver and interested in how the Virtual Caregiver differs from in-person companion care? Read More!

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Companion Care Services Buffalo and Western New York

What is the EZ-Caller Helpdesk?

The EZ-Caller Helpdesk is a ground-breaking senior telephone helpline service that eliminates the stress, apprehension, and frustration that comes with phone calls! Have you ever asked yourselves the following questions?

  • “Am I asking the right questions? I wish I had someone on the phone with me who knew medical/billing jargon….”
  • “Is this person giving me the right information? Will there be proof if they are not giving me the correct information?”
  • “Should I be writing all of this down? I wish there was someone to take notes for me!”
  • “Oh no! I pressed the wrong button! Am I going to reach an actual person, or be disconnected?”

Odds are, if you have asked yourself these questions…the EZ-Caller Helpdesk is who you want to call!! We will eliminate the need for these questions!

Are you an individual or caregiver and want more information on how the EZ-Caller Helpdesk can work for you?

EZ-Caller Information
Companion Care Services Buffalo and Western New York

What is the silentVOICE Companion Care Program?

The silentVOICE Companion Care Program is an elder abuse prevention initiative established by Aging with Purpose, LLC to ensure residents and caregivers have a voice in the quality of care being given by nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

  • Aging with Purpose desires to build a relationship with your loved one but also provide a third party perspective of the care being given by the facility.
    • How long does your loved one wait to go to the bathroom?
    • Is there room clean?
    • How does the facility/room smell?
    • What is the hygiene status of your loved one? Have they taken a shower? Are their nails clean or soiled?
    • How do the nursing aides act when you are not present?

These are very really concerns of which you should be aware. There simply should not be any voice silenced.

Are you an individual or caregiver and want more information on how  silentVOICE companion care can work for you?

silentVOICE Companion Care


Establish a gatekeeper for your time, energy, and efforts!  We ensure the right questions are asked on the phone, provide clarity, and record all information allowing you to review it later! Don’t take anymore chances!

  • No more time wasted calling the wrong people!

  • All of your calls are recorded and sent upon request!

  • Always have someone who cares on your important calls!

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Aging with Purpose Values

Our mission is to serve the Silent and Baby Boomer Generations and work with you to delay age-related decline, promote independence and aging in place, and prevent institutionalization. By providing a central hub of information, resources, and outreach, Aging with Purpose can be entrusted to help maximize your quality of life through the aging process.

Our vision is to establish a network of resources to aid individuals (caregivers and independents) 55+ in maintaining their health, wellness, and independence through the aging process.

We promise to do our best to provide untouchable customer service through personalization, dedication, and respect.

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