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Caregiver Services

The Virtual Caregiver 

Did you know that “The number of patients using telemedicine services will increase to 7 million in 2018, up from less than 350,000 in 2013.” Telehealth services (health and caregiver services via online/telephone vehicles is on the rise, and it is time to make the leap! 

Aging with Purpose offers a new approach on caregiver services by way of  the Virtual Caregiver Assistance program which will save you money, give you back your time, and give both you and your loved ones your independence! 

Interested in AWP’s Caregiver Services? 

What is the Virtual Caregiver? 

Please take a few moments and watch this short video! If you have any further questions regarding caregiver services by way of the Virtual Caregiver program, feel free to contact us! 

Daily Call

A Caring Voice

Rest Assured

As a caregiver, you worry your loved one is sitting in the same place all day–sometimes never speaking to a single person! AWP LLC will ensure there is a caring voice checking in at least once a day!

Reminder Calls

It's Just Easy To Forget

You don't have to do it all!

Let us keep track of important dates, times, and medicine schedules! AWP LLC will call your loved one with reminder and text/email you after we have done so!

Answer Line

No Question Is Too Small

Office Hours

Our phone lines are open for you and your loved one for any questions you may have. As a member, you can call and ask for directions, recommendations for community resources, advice on which medical professional to see, or just to locate a number! We are here for you!


Keeping You In The Know

Don't Worry

AWP will text/e-mail you any time we call or make contact with your loved one so you can be confident we are doing our job!


Remember Exactly What Was Said

Let Us Help!

At AWP, we are fully aware of the stress you feel regarding phone calls. It is hard enough keeping track of your own much-needed phone calls let alone your loved one’s as well! Let us help them call! We can always send you the clip if you worry!

E-Mail Access

We Check It Regularly!

Your Time Is Valuable!

Your time is valuable, and we appreciate that! Odds are if you have taken the time to ask us a question, it’s because you genuinely want and need an answer! If we don’t have an immediate answer, we will do our best to respond keeping you in the loop!