Skilled Professionals

The answer to this question is simple. Skilled professionals answer the phone. You can be sure that when you or your loved one calls the EZ-Caller Helpdesk someone with experience and training will be on the other end.


The EZ-Caller Helpdesk is available nationwide. Although we are based in New York, we can take calls throughout the United States. If we do not yet serve clients in your area, we will research and invest time into making local contacts so that we can ensure you are receiving accurate information.


Currently, the EZ-Caller Helpdesk is not live 24 hours a day. However, we do encourage our clients to e-mail us as we check this regularly during offline hours.


The EZ-Caller Helpdesk is a membership-based pricing structure based on your needs and if there is more than one person who will be using these services. Please email us at info@agingwithpurpose.org  for more information! We would love to have a discussion with you!

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