Senior Living Community Consultant Packages

Basic Package

  • Personal Consultant

  • Weekly Balance Class (2)

  • Balance Bags (5)

  • Evidence-based Activity (2)-45 minute activities

  • Education Class (1) – Choice category

  • Senior Telephone Helpline for Residents (Resident pays per minute)

  • Promotional E-Files

$515/ month

Advanced Package

  • Personal Consultant

  • Weekly Balance Class (2)

  • Balance Bags (10)

  • Evidence-based Activity (3)-45 minute activities

  • Education Class (2) – Choice category

  • Senior Telephone Helpline for Residents (Resident pays per minute)

  • Virtual Caregiver Memberships (2)

  • Promotional E-Files

$795/ month

Ultimate Package

  • Personal Consultant

  • Weekly Balance Class (2)

  • Balance Bags (10)

  • Evidence-based Activity (4)-45 minute activities

  • Education Class (2) – Choice category

  • Virtual Caregiver Memberships (10)

  • Falls Prevention Assessment and Recommendations for Resident Home (10)

  • Promotional E-Files

$1699/ month

Individual Services

Personal Licensed Consultant



Have you ever asked yourself if your building should be safer? Perhaps you want to make sure that everything is properly accessible? Do you want to know if you would pass an American with Disabilities Act Accessibilities assessment? Maybe you would like someone you can call who can connect you with the appropriate resource and will do the research for you and provide a rationale and reasonable solution! That is what you get when you have a personal consultant!

Balance Class

1 FREE per month + $50 per class thereafter

Better Your Balance with Michelle

Did you know there is a specific way to train someone’s vestibular system? Did you know you could train your STANDING balance while SITTING? 32 billion dollars is spent for fall-related injuries per year on individuals 65+!!! Don’t let your residents be a statistic! Not only is our balance class designed to promote health, wellness, and independence in your participants but it allows YOU to keep your residents in your facility throughout their aging years! (Did I mention how much fun we have learning??)

Evidence-Based Practice Activity

$100 per 45 minute class

Planned Activity

If you are the manager of a senior living community, you know how crucial it is to ensure the safety and happiness of your residents! Activities are invaluable to their social, mental, physical, and emotional well-being! We focus on the whole person! We perform activities that have a clear rationale to promote a vital aspect of an aging individual. We provide the materials, setup, and cleanup! No need to pay several people to come in and provide variety! We have you covered and everything has a purpose!!!!

Did you know…

Making jewelry promotes fine motor skills and pincer strength to maintain agility when button your pants or zipping up your shirt? Creating collages promotes emotional and mental wellbeing, stress management, and cathartic release which decreases confusion? Or an exciting game of jeopardy promotes executive functioning and problem solving allowing you to keep your brain running as sharply as it can run? These are just SOME of the activities we will provide!!! We have even been able to host mixers and themed dinners (for additional cost)! Truly one of the best parts of doing what we do!

Educational Classes

$60 per 45 minute Training


Knowledge is power, right? Right!! The number ONE way to prevent injury, chronic heart failure, and age-related factors is education! Teaching is an honor and we love to provide this service. Every class, our audience leaves with information–some type of take away! Not only that, but hiring a personal consultant allow relationship building as well! Your residents will get to know us and we will get to know them! Building trust and consistency is vital to maintain mental clarity while aging! Having a consultant on call will allow your residents to feel that they always have someone to call who knows and loves them!

Types of Classes:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Common approaches to every-day age-relate problems
  • What to expect when you are aging
  • How to fall-proof your home
  • many others! We may even be able to bring in an outside expert at no additional cost if you have purchased a package!!

Senior Telephone Helpline

$100/month + per minute resident charges


We understand that many older adults do not have or even own a computer! We are this solution. Seniors call us if they need information, directions, reviews posted online about various services/practitioners, who they should call for assistance regarding a matter, looking up a phone number, etc. We will also help actually make their phone calls! Seniors will call us and we will dial, get them through the automatic telephone system to an actual person, and stay on the line to advocate (ensure the appropriate questions are asked), take notes, and record the call to e-mail to the caregiver upon request or keep for safe-keeping (if resident experiences an altered cognitive state)!

Virtual Caregiver Membership

$50 per resident


We are a first step for someone if they are not ready to have in-home care, but they or their caregivers feels like they need something. We will call multiple times a day to talk (prevent social isolation), monitor social well-being,  and/or ensure they have not fallen and are able to answer their phone! There are many times after someone has fallen, they will lay there for 8 hours to over a day! Having a person call to check-in is the solution!!!  We turn around and text/email the caregiver/manager that everything is well or, if nobody answered the phone and we have not heard back in 30 minutes, we will alert the appropriate people to check-in. This gives everyone peace of mind and independence! Tele-health initiatives are premier services in the United States and they are now moving into senior living communities!!! You DEFINITELY want to list this service as an amenity to ensure you are leading the pack of innovation in the senior care industry!! 

Falls Prevention Checklist and Recommendations

$50 per 45 minute consultation with follow-up


Do you want your residents to feel safe in their home? Do you want to ensure that you have done everything you can do as a site manager to promote their safety and well-being? This consultation takes 45 minutes to complete. A licensed occupational therapist will perform a home assessment, analyze the results and provide rationale and realistic suggestions!

Interested in taking your community to the NEXT LEVEL?

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